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About us


This Community is all ABOUT…life-SESSIONS.

What is a life-session?


A session is a micro-blog consisting of three photos, or one video, which is broadcast or shared with friends seamlessly through the web’s most popular social networking tools.  A session quickly and efficiently captures the essence of a person’s unique lifestyle.

This Community—An Extension of your Active Lifestyle…Online!

This community is dedicated to an active and adventure-centric lifestyle.  The site’s tools compliment that lifestyle, allowing people to connect, socialize, micro-blog, and share their unique life-sessions.  By design, tools are simple, allowing members to quickly upload photos, video, and text, share it with their friends, and then get back outside and create another session.  This site is much more then a blogging platform, it’s an uplink that connects a community of like-minded people with similar passions and interests. 

The Adventure UpLink Network

This unique community is part of the Adventure UpLink (AUL) network.  AUL is the backbone and technology behind numerous other niche, lifestyle-specific communities.  AUL is designed, implemented, plugged-in, and developed to give members seamless access to one or multiple lifestyle communities using a single-login technology we call UpLink Access.   UpLink Access allows the member to join, interact and micro-blog among any of the communities supported by AUL.

AUL technology allows the member to ‘broadcast’ life-sessions to friends using the web’s most popular social networking tools.  Facebook Connect, Twitter tweets, and soon, YouTube video posts are all plugged into our technology, allowing members to share, brag, socialize, and gain recognition for their latest adventure session.

Thank you for learning more about us and the Adventure UpLink Network.  Make sure to Sign-Up for your Free Member Account today and start posting your life-SESSIONS!

The Adventure UpLink Team